Water People Tours welcome visitors from the United States and all over the World, including our friends from Canada. Are you looking for a gorgeous, fun-filled place during your stay in Montana? ​Well, you came to the right place, right here in the beautiful Flathead.

What is Water People Tours? Water People Tours provide a one-of-a kind experience with interesting Kootenai historical facts and stories relevant to Kootenai aboriginal territories (British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, and Washington) including the Flathead Valley, Flathead Indian Reservation and Glacier National Park.

National Bison Range


Mission Mountains

Mission Mountians, Montana, USA

Flathead Lake

Lake/Flathead counties, Montana, USA

Glacier National Park

Glacier Park, Montana, USA

Water People Tours & Lodging

Glamping in Elmo, Montana Coming Soon!!!

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge

Charlo, Montana, USA

Donate to Non-profit YuwaKam to make a difference on the Flathead Indian reservation.

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