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In search of a relaxing float where you can take in expansive skies and breathtaking mountain vistas? Flathead Lake has you covered. Water People Tours, run by Keya Birdsbill—a member of the Ktunaxa Nation from the Ksanka Tribe in Dayton, Montana—offers excursions that share with visitors both the natural beauty of the lake as well as its significance to the Native people of the area. The Ktunaxa have been referred to as the Water People for centuries—they developed original tools and equipment like the sturgeon-nosed canoe and a variety of fish traps that facilitated their life in and around bodies of water. Today all 7 of the modern Ktunaxa Tribes residing in the US and Canada continue to live around major lakes and rivers.

Sacred Land


Campfire Stories

Listen to unique and intriguing Kootenai stories that have been passed down to us since time immemorial around the campfire with smores, hot chocolate, or coffee. Listen to how the trickster was duped by the 7-star sisters and about the monster from the deep.


Stay Happy Inside Chickadee’s Teepee Cabin

It’s important to disconnect every once and a while. Shutting down your laptop and putting away your phone can help you gain perspective—one that only comes when you’re not scrolling through social media and answering calls. Even so, doing this is often easier said than done. To help you in your quest for a digital detox and ultimate relaxing camping experience, Campkapapa has placed a stylish micro cabin within the forest off of the Old US Hwy 93 in Elmo Montana.

Starting at $164 a night, the all-inclusive tiny cabin comes equipped with everything you’ll need for a woodsy getaway. A single full-size bed and a kitchenette with potable drinking water and coffee pot.  Additionally, For outdoor fun, there’s a fire pit and  picnic table for your convenience.